Monday, July 27, 2009

Chart of the Day

From Chuck DeVore's blog:
It is often said that California is a window onto America's future. Well, with a heavy tax and regulatory burden, a new greenhouse gas emissions law, and rapidly growing welfare rolls, perhaps America should pay close attention to the Golden State's mistakes. This email details the extent of California's burgeoning welfare rolls.

California accounts for 12% of the U.S. population but 32% of the welfare caseload. To demonstrate this enormous burden let's compare these numbers relative to other states across the nation:

source: California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, via HHS and Census data
(via commenter DAve at Assistant Village Idiot)


Bob in Los Angeles said...

I met Chuck DeVore at the South Bay Republican Meeting at the Sizzler in Torrance. He is not a 'great charisma' but he might be a 'great character'. He is running a campaign against Barbara Boxer at a time when Barbara will be running against Obama's failures.
But with 32% of the welfare cases in the country here in California, all voting for Barbara, well he will need a lot of help.

DAve!! said...

Voting AT LEAST once, if ACORN has anything to do with it...
Hey, I'm somebuddy now! Thanx and I wish I could get this graph infront of a million Californians and residents of other states who would appreciate seeing what their bailouts are gonna be paying for-

Bob in Los Angeles said...

The Dave and Ken show put it on the air today -- they are talking it up BIG TIME. 640 on the am dial.