Wednesday, June 10, 2009


From the June 22nd National Review (subscription only):
There are few sounds more pleasing to the conservative ear than the clang of colliding liberal pieties. Consider the recent case of MichaĆ«lle Jean, governor-general of Canada, which is to say, viceroy under Queen Elizabeth of England, Canada’s head of state. Jean incarnates an unusual quantity of politically correct essences, being black, female, and an immigrant (from Haiti to Canada when aged eleven). On an official tour of a far northern region inhabited mainly by Eskimos, she participated enthusiastically in a traditional folk ceremony associated with the main source of local income. Unfortunately that source is seal hunting, and the ceremony involved eating a sliver of raw meat from the heart of a young seal Jean had just helped to butcher. We wish we could tell you that she had personally clubbed the seal to death before gutting it, preferably in front of a platoon of keening Greenpeace activists; but alas, this is not recorded. We’ll take what we can get, though, and wait with interest to see how Sarah Palin will react to having been upstaged like this.

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