Tuesday, May 19, 2009


James Randerson writing in the May 13th Guardian (U.K.):
Parts of the green movement have become hijacked by a political agenda and now operate like multinational corporations, according to two senior scientists and members of the House of Lords.

The peers, who were speaking at an event in parliament on science policy, said they felt that in some areas green campaign groups were a hindrance to environmental causes.

"Much of the green movement isn't a green movement at all, it's a political movement," said Lord May, who is a former government chief scientific adviser and president of the Royal Society. He singled out Greenpeace as an environmental campaign group that had "transmogrified" into one with primarily an anti-globalisation stance.

"Maybe they are right, but I wish they would wear the uniform of the army they are fighting [under]," said May, adding that he used to be involved with Greenpeace in the 1970s.


suek said...

The method of Marxism has always been to move into any politically activist group and pervert it to the Marxism goal.

In addition, they split off identifiable groups of people to incite them to activism. It's called "Community Organizing".

Sometimes they have to tell people they're victims in order to get them to become activists.

Anonymous said...

Similarly, some multinational corporations have hijacked the movement to sell products mislabeled as "green." These corporations can also be a hindrance to environmental causes. We should expose political as well as commercial abuses in this area so that important issues can be addressed fairly and as quickly as needed. . . before eveyone sees red!


Carl said...


I agree--read Whittaker Chambers's Witness. And thanks for the links to my post on the Surface Station report in comments on other blogs; always glad to know NOfP has readers.


Well said!