Friday, May 15, 2009


From Doctor Zero on HotAir:
Those of us who strongly oppose President Obama’s policies often find ourselves wondering how anyone could possibly be in favor of them. . .

Republican politicians often forget that conservatism is an argument, while liberalism is a promise. The conservative champions both the moral and practical superiority of liberty and individualism. The liberal promises tangible rewards in exchange for votes. The conservative argument will never be over, because any free-market system will always include a certain population who fare poorly. No matter how small that population is, or how much the overall wealth of society eases the burden of their poverty, they will always be extremely receptive to the seduction of collective politics: You’re not responsible for your lot in life. You were cheated. The wealth of others is unfair. Give us the "freedom" that wasn’t doing you any good anyway, and we will sharpen it into a weapon against those who took advantage of you. Give us your undying support, and you’ll never have to worry about feeling confused, guilty, or inadequate again. Voting for the Democrat ticket will fully discharge your moral and intellectual duty as a citizen -- we’ll take it from there. In fact, we’ve got ACORN representatives standing by to fill that ballot out for you. You have a "right" to housing, a job, health care, a college education, easy credit, and a host of other benefits, and the liberal promises to provide all of these things, while making nameless rich people pick up the tab.

Liberal socialism is the ongoing critique of capitalism’s imperfections. To the casual center-left voter, the world seems overwhelming, confusing, and unfair. This was never more obvious than in the financial crisis that erupted last fall, when a large number of citizens became very angry and frightened about a crisis they couldn’t begin to understand. They just knew something terrible was happening, and they demanded action. The Democrats stepped in with a ready-made narrative, which the Republicans suicidally left unchallenged, and offered the exact same solutions they have offered to every problem since the days of FDR: massive government spending and control. Conservatives found this dismaying and horrifying -- who in their right minds would solve the problem Barney Frank created by giving Barney Frank more money and power? But Democrat voters were willing to accept this diagnosis and solution, as they always seem ready to accept liberal solutions, despite a century-long track record of absolute failure. . . because they need to believe that someone out there knows what they’re doing, and has the answers to the overwhelming problems produced by a complex economy, and packaged by a sensationalist media in love with Big Solutions to Big Problems.

Voters who grew up in the past five decades know there are people smart enough to put men on the moon, create fantastic electronic devices, cure terrible diseases, and riddle out the secrets of the cosmos. They wonder why such intelligence can’t be put to use in reducing unemployment, stimulating the stock market, and making sure everyone has a decent house to live in. When the media tells them the latest Democrat superstar has a brilliant plan to solve everything, and it won’t cost 'hard-working American families" a nickel, they’re ready to believe the hype.
(via Doug Ross)

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