Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Leftist Media Bias of the Day

GW at WolfHowling wonders how a the left can Bork their own supreme court candidate for being friends with Clarence Thomas while Obama's twenty year association with known leftist racists and leftist terrorists are dismissed with a yawn.

His analysis is a classic dissection of the so-called "main-stream-media" and its leftist bias, as well as a commentary on how the left distorts the concept of civil rights into a Marxian vehicle
She is black, female and has a long record of leaning left in her judicial opinions. She is considered in the mix for nomination to take over the post on the U.S. Supreme Court that will open up with Justice Souter's retirement...[However, it] seems that Justice Ward has a very shady association that may, as WaPo puts it, "complicate" her "chances" for nomination. So what is this association? Chief Justice Sears happens to be friends with conservative black U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Pause for a moment and consider the connotation. A liberal and conservative make an unlikely friendship based on having something in common beyond politics.  The WaPo bleats a blatant disrespect for this unalloyed good.  The left draws a hypocritical line in the sand... if you as much as speak to a conservative you are tainted for life.

Such attitudes reflect how deeply Marxian thought has metastasized in today's far left. It really is a horrifying thing that distorts all it touches.

The far left has been the driver of reverse racism and sexism for the past half century. That is why it is no surprise that, with the emergence of a far left candidate for the highest office in the nation, Rev. Jeremiah Wright should also arise at his side and into the public eye preaching a vile racism and separatism most Americans thought long dead in this country. Nor is it any surprise that the MSM, many of whom are of the far left, should collectively yawn at Obama's twenty year association with Wright. Wright is anything but an anomaly. To the contrary, he is a progeny of the politics of the far left.

If we are now at the point that one can cavort with terrorists and the most vile of racists, but still be qualified for the Presidency, while maintaining a friendship with a person who holds conservative political viewpoints is a blockade on the road to appointment to the Supreme Court, what does that say about how skewed we have become as a nation?

If even having a conservative friend disqualifies you from the ruling elite, then surely bipartisanship is passé.

But to carry that even further is the fact that WaPo can casually report this as simple fact without considering any of the ramifications of what they are saying. At a minimum, it means, to me at least, that the fabric of our country has changed radically and perversely.

The cavalier ignorance (at best) of Krissah Thompson, not even once mentioning the blatant hypocrisy of the left earns her the Leftist Media Bias of the Day award. Head on over to NewsCard and click the 'baised' button if you agree (subscription required).


GW said...

Thank you for the link - and a superb insight on the point about bipartisanship. I quoted in another post the prevelant attitude among House Dems today - quoting Rep. Jim Cooper of Tenn - "if its bipartisan you haven't negotiated hard enough."

I wonder if there is anything that was said in the campaign will actually show true at the end of four years. And I wonder if anything positive will come out of these four years.

Bob in Los Angeles said...

GW Thanks for highlighting this for everyone.

OBloodyHell said...

> if you as much as speak to a conservative you are tainted for life.

Absolutely UNTRUE and MOST UNFAIR!!!-

You can speak to conservatives as much as you like, as long as the content is epithets, namecalling, and general variants on sneers of derision.

I mean, come on... where's the honesty in blogging, here?!?!?!?


Bob in Los Angeles said...

Of course, thanks OBH. Reminds me of this.