Monday, May 18, 2009

Cartoon of the Day

From Steve Breen:

source: Townhall, May 8th

(via Dr. Sanity)


bobn said...

Good thing we spent a bunch of time, treasure, and blood in Iraq, where Al-Qaeda and the Taliban weren't while we neglected Afganistan and sucked up to Pakistan.

Yesiree, invading Iraq was America at its best!

Carl said...

You must have missed the confirmation of Saddam's contacts with Al Qaeda and other terrorists. And, there were other reasons for the invasion. Besides, there's no doubt that Al Qaeda declared war on Iraqi freedom--or would you have walked away in the face of the late Mr. Zarqawi's insistence that "Democracy is also based on the right to choose your religion" and thus "against the rule of God"?

As for Pakistan, it has been under attack by Al Qaeda. And President Bush supported free elections there even at the expense of a friendly head of state.

bobn said...

The report you link to talks of minor support or contacts with Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda and the Taliban were IN Afganistan - until Bush and Rummy blew it and let them run off to Pakistan.

And the intelligence that "supported" Bush? How much of it was the result of waterboarding prisoners until the prisoners said what their holders wanted to hear? Since it now emerges that the waterboarding actually started in order to prove that link?

As for Pakistan, it has been under attack by Al Qaeda.Which left Afganistan after we subcontracted part of the job of containing them to the Pakistanis - not a good idea in light of the ISI's well-known support of the Taliban.