Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Protest Poster of the Day

I'm a month late in mocking "Earth Hour," when liberals douse the lights so they can see no evil. As a make-up, here's a cogent critique of last year's self-righteous fest:

source: The People's Cube


OBloodyHell said...

I want to state ahead of time -- that picture has been slightly doctored. It does not do so to the extent of being a lie in any way, shape or form that matters (it's far more The Truth, for example, than the claim "Bush Lied")

But lest a lefty become aware of (or recall) that fact and use it as a bludgeon to discredit the notion (carefully ignoring the fact that the alteration is a half dozen specks, nothing that really counts as far as the basic point of the highly visible distinction goes), I just wanted to make it up front and clear.

Carl, it's up to you, but I'd add that as a small acknowledgement on the thread: "The picture in question is altered, but not substantially. The distinction between NoKo and SoKo is blatant and highly evident, almost exactly as the picture shows."

Carl said...


Do you have a link on a correction?

OBloodyHell said...

Not readily available. Back last year when that first came out, someone called attention to it, pointing also to an equivalent actual map on google earth or something like that, and which made it quite evident that a number of specks had been removed from NoKo -- and there really was no question about it...

Not enough to even vaguely invalidate the central point, but it was such that it shouldn't have been done for intellectual honesty's sake, and that's what matters, I think.

You can't counter their lies with more lies -- even white ones. That's just playing their game. The game needs to be moved to the court where they lose -- rationality and facts. It's the thing they seek most to discredit and destroy -- since it's the main inheritance of Greek Thought in Western Culture which has made it into the success it is. And since their goal is cultural suicide, playing on their turf by their rules is not just foolish it's an obvious FAIL.

Carl said...

Get me a cite--then I might agree. Except about moving the game to courts: the judiciary is not the appropriate locus of public policy decisions about the environment; the political branches are. said...


Moving the game to the courts *is* a libtard effort.


LOL, I said COURT, not COURTS. As in "the ball in..." and "playing field"