Sunday, March 08, 2009

Which Way Do We Go?

Almost no one of my gender could have written this, but that doesn't mean Dr. Melissa Clouthier's analysis is wrong:
Americans are now, more than ever, influenced by the superficial and emotional, the form and the packaging. . .

Conservatives can curse this cultural reality and most, right now, do. Look at where moderation is taking the country. However, ignoring the culture doesn’t change the culture. For 40 years, or more, the country has been on this collision course. It’s still shocking now that it’s here.

It’s important to note that liberals and leftists have not changed their stripes. They hated Bush, were free about saying so and still hate any form of strength, capitalism, freedom, and America itself, it seems. Until America becomes the socialistic, even-Steven, mediocre, complacent haven for the average and lazy, the left won’t be happy. Until America is the same as every other 3rd rate socialist state, the left will curse American exceptionalism and decry the inequity. Until America is hamstrung by laws and regulations and rules only she will follow, in the name some warped morality, the left will curse the lack of justice and fairness.

But the left cannot take America to this hell alone. They need moderates to do it. This election, they had them. They had moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans. They had just enough everywhere to do it. . .

Conservatives need to recognize the fickle middle and adapt. Since it’s mostly form, Republican elected officials and those running for office simply need to be better at communicating positively.

The Republican establishment needs to choose more youthful, hip, good looking candidates. Sorry. In this media age, looks matter. Part of the reason the left was terrified and pretty successfully destroyed Sarah Palin was because she looked so good. They knew that her beauty and ease in front of the camera would be tough. Thus, the hate. . .

Ronald Reagan won because he was optimistic, cheerful, the "happy warrior" and clear. The moderate middle, the Reagan Democrats, felt good about themselves which is why they voted for him.

The moderate middle voted for Barack Obama because he made them feel good about themselves. Do not underestimate the attachment people have to how a candidate makes them feel. People are heavily invested in this man. They want him to succeed because if he fails, it’s a reflection on them.

I told a friend last night that it’s not unlike an abused girlfriend. She doesn’t stay with the guy because he’s so great. She stays with him because leaving him would mean everyone else was right and more importantly, she was wrong. She can’t admit that. So she stays and sings his praises and tells people "you just don’t understand him." That will be the press. That will be the moderate middle. They are too far down the path with him. They can’t come back and save any sort of face if they wanted to.

But I digress. Conservatives and the Right in general need to accept that we live in a softer, more feminine, emotional, feeling, superficial society. Speaking the language of Patton won’t work now. And anyway, Reagan didn’t win his landslides by having the form of Patten, even if it was his substance and that was decades ago.

Winning means substance and form. The form needs to be easy on the eyes and ears, gentle to the touch. The substance needs to be conservative. Squishy centers get Republicans maligned. They end up looking like Democrats. Why not just elect one, the populace thinks, and so they do.

Republicans need charisma, a clear message and core conservative values.
(via Right Wing News)


Tom Carter said...

Hmmm...puts one in mind of Mitt Romney, methinks.

Carl said...

Agreed--that's who I support and still do. He would at least have a clue about what to do about the economy.

OBloodyHell said...

So, where does Palin fit in all this?

Although the Left made her a lightning rod for all their vitriol, that was because she really did scare the shit out of them.

I think if she's given the correct handling, she could also be a force in four years.