Friday, March 06, 2009

Obama's Growth Forecast Depends on Reagan Tax Cuts

Dear Readers,

I've been disillusioned lately. Our Dear Leader Obama is a nightmare for our country, but the press will never tell you that. Nor will they hold him accountable.

The economy may be suffering a bit, but government interference can only hurt, not help the process. To understand, simply examine the record. The Great Depression may not have been caused by government interference, but the government (via Smoot-Hawley) made it worse. Nor was the government able to end the depression, despite massive Keynesian injection, it took WW2 to end the depression.

Now, Obama is telling the Big Lies. One of his big lies is that he is going to fix the economy. Why should anyone believe Obama? You shouldn't. There is no evidence that anything but removing barriers to capitalism will improve the economy.

But, the press will never tell you that, because the press is the democratic mouthpiece, and they are in love with Obama. The press is riddled with Obama propaganda. Anyone that disagrees with Obama risks "alienating a popular president" or being labeled a racist. If you want to know what is going on, well, you have to figure it out for yourself.

So, when the an Obamahead, in his genuinely enthusiastic lying (but still lying) makes your point for you, well you just have to say -- today is a good day. Take for example, the the Krugman op-ed piece that ran in the NY Times. OBloodyHell beat Krugman up yesterday, righteously. Now there is something of a blog fest going.

First, Greg Mankiw tells Krugman his growth rates are too high -- that he is dead wrong, and he offers to wager him on it.

Then, Krugman teams up with Brad DeLong and points to this graph to support his point.

The DeLong-Krugman point is that this data supports the government growth forecast. However, Tom McGuire over at JustOneMinute has the scoop on this. "I dredged up quarterly unemployment and GDP growth from 1960 to the present and attempted to mimic the DeLong chart with and without the Reagan years. The Reagan recovery following 1981-1982 is highlighted and does seem to drive the result:"

The growth rates that Obama is forecasting rely on the Reagan-era tax cut fueled boom to justify the Obama-era recovery plan.

QED Krugman. Thank YOU.
The press won't pick up on this... they would never tell you that Reaganomics is the best thing the government could do. Anything else just does harm.

You and I know that Obama's plan is doomed. The problem is that the press will not let you know of his failure. Instead Obama and the press will lead us down the socialism path. Isn't socialism and communism what we fought a cold war over? Terrorism is nonexistent in the United States. Socialism is our real enemy. And you know, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

Righton Ms. Thatcher.

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