Friday, March 13, 2009

The Crisis Deepens

According to the International Herald Tribune:
As if running an organization of 27 countries wasn't complicated enough, a new position has been added at European Union headquarters: coffee monitor.

Following embarrassing revelations that the European Commission had purchased 21 deluxe espresso machines costing thousands of euros each - only to find that commissioners and their distinguished guests, not to mention the staff, were drinking a less-than-perfect brew - a settlement has been reached with the maker.

Included in the deal are not only new machines, but new tasks and training on their proper use as well for some of the trade bloc's most elite officials.


OBloodyHell said...

Hey this way they'll be full of pep. They'll've had their grande-latte enemas...


Bob in Los Angeles said...

They haven't heard of Flavia?

Hey, by the way, what size coin do you think those expresso machines take, the Euro or 2-Euro?

What's that you say? Free?

Deluxe Expresso Enemas All Around!