Friday, March 27, 2009

Charts of the Day

From Don Easterbrook's presentation at the Heartland international climate conference earlier this month, called "'Global Warming' Is Over: Geologic, Oceanographic, and Solar Evidence for Global Cooling in the Coming Decades" (page 17):

source: Easterbrook

Similarly, Joseph D’Aleo's Heartland presentation (page 52):

source: D'Aleo

As Powerline's John Hinderaker observes:
Due to the efforts of Heartland and others, the public is beginning to catch on to the cosmic scam that Al Gore, James Hansen and others--mostly not scientists--have been perpetrating. Meanwhile, the Obama administration, seemingly determined to inflict the maximum possible damage on the economy in the shortest time, is trying to ram a cap-and-trade carbon tax through Congress before opposition can be mobilized. It's easier to do that, of course, when you know that Congressmen won't read the statute before they vote on it. So our only hope is an informed citizenry.
See also Bob Foster's Energy & Environment editorial "Natural Drivers of Weather and Climate," text reprinted here.

(via William Teach at Right Wing News, ICECAP, Watts Up With That?)

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