Sunday, March 15, 2009

Change Only The NY Times Believes In

Update: 3/17/09 more below

It is all over the headlines how our Dear Leader has declared no more 'enemy combatants,' and this is the change you voted for, blah blah blah. The NY Times and the rest of the democratic mouthpiece which call themselves the 'mainstream media' -- are out there tooting the Obama horn with this worthless propaganda.

Here is a roundup of some of the 83 headlines as of this writing:
This is the best the NYTimes can say about it:

    The new definition did add a requirement that to justify detention a detainee would have to have “substantially supported” Al Qaeda, the Taliban or forces associated with them. But the administration did not define “substantial,” and the detainees’ lawyers said they doubted that the change would help many of their clients.
    Andy McCarthy at The Corner tells us this is no change.

    What Obama, Holder & Co. have done on "enemy combatants" is a somewhat more elaborate version of what they've done on Gitmo, rendition, state-secrets, interrogations, etc... Essentially, we're no longer going to call our captives "enemy combatants" ... but we're still going to detain people without trial, and Obama claims the unilateral authority to decide who gets detained... even though we realize that this is exactly what that bad old administration meant, and did...

    In sum, Bush's policies are validated, and Obama is banking that his base will be content with a few rhetorical crumbs. Of course they won't be — the ACLU, which is crazy but not stupid, is already blasting this move.

    To put it in a little more perspective, Human Rights Online says US: Obama Should Reconsider New Position on Guantanamo Detainees.

    There is no real change or real issue here. It is just a weak excuse for the media to chest-thump about their love-affair with BO-44. Remember, terrorism is not our biggest enemy, socialism is, something so-called mainstream media will never tell you.


    Notwithstanding the fact that Obama action is superficial, a non-substantial change, and therefore not 'news', it is also more than three days old, and still near the very top of the Google News blotter?

    Given that the so-called 'mainstream media' is the mouthpiece of the Democratic party, it is telling. The Democrats have nothing better to say than tout a superfluous label change?

    I can do a lot better with my P-Touch.

    Any wagers on how long this will be the top news item at Google?

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    OBloodyHell said...

    > Remember, terrorism is not our biggest enemy, socialism is, something so-called mainstream media will never tell you

    Da, Comrade. Is Pravda.