Sunday, March 01, 2009

Bad Model

Remind me again why Blue Staters want to emulate Europe?:
When Berlin resident Simone Klostermann returned from vacation and couldn’t find her Mercedes SLK, she thought it had been towed. Police told her the 35,000-euro ($45,000) car had been torched.

"They’d squirted something flammable into the car’s engine block in the gap between the windshield and the hood," said Klostermann. "The engine was completely destroyed."

The 34-year-old’s experience isn’t unique in the German capital. At least 29 vehicles were destroyed in arson attacks this year, most of them luxury cars, according to police. The number is already about 30 percent of the total for 2008. The latest to go up in flames was a Porsche, on Feb. 14, two days after a Mercedes was set alight in a public car park.

While youths in Athens protest by throwing Molotov cocktails, in Paris by toppling barricades, and in Budapest by hurling eggs at politicians, protesters in Berlin rage at their economic plight by targeting the most expensive cars -- symbols of German wealth and power.
(via The Corner)


OBloodyHell said...

One of the obvious outgrowths of socialist teachings: "You don't deserve to be wealthy, therefore no one need respect your property rights".

Hence, they think nothing of torching someone else's property -- after all, "they didn't earn it", did they?

OBloodyHell said...

> Remind me again why Blue Staters want to emulate Europe?

Because you can't spell "Socialist State" without "E" and "U".


Yeah, I know.

They went to public schools, remember?