Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Alarming Liberalism of the Day

Nadine Rosa-Rosso, who calls herself an "independent Marxist," thinks "European leftists suffer from a debilitating failure of imagination, particularly acute when it comes to Islamist resistance"--and so advocates increased support for Hamas:
Another cause of paralysis in the anti-imperialist struggle is the fear of being associated with terrorism. . .

A message an Israeli receives loud and clear, the European left completely fails to grasp; rather they find 'indefensible' the necessity to take by force what has been stolen by force. Since 9/11, the use of force in the anti-colonial and the anti-imperialist struggle has been classified under the category of ‘terrorism': one cannot even discuss it any more. It is worth remembering that Hamas was placed on the proscribed list of ‘foreign terrorist organizations' by the United States in 1995, seven years before 9/11. In January 1995, the United States elaborated the ‘Specially Designated Terrorist List (STD)' and put Hamas and all the other radical Palestinian liberation organisations on it.

Capitulation on this question by a great part of the Western left, however, only really got going after 9/11, after the launching of the aggressive response by the Bush administration. The fear of being classified ‘terrorists' or apologists of terrorism has spread. . .

I have a concrete suggestion to make: let the left launch an appeal to remove Hamas from the terror lists. At the same time we must ensure that Hezbollah are not added to the terror list. It is the least we can do if we want to support the Palestinian, Lebanese and Arab resistance. It is the minimal democratic condition for supporting the resistance and it is the essential political precondition for the left to have a chance to be heard out by the millions of people involved.
I'm not presuming Israel is blameless. But is it too much to ask that lefties reject the right to murder unarmed innocents? Or that they stop putting the word terrorists in "scare quotes"?

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OBloodyHell said...

> who calls herself an "independent Marxist,"

Maybe she's actually a big-government anarchist, or a libertarian Nazi... You never can tell these days.