Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Ultimate Disorder

A New England friend emails:
The only thing more powerful than Superman is the stampede of Congress towards the opportunity to spend, spend, spend. I'm afraid that they are overwhelmed by the perceived need to do something, anything, just to seem to be actively responding to circumstances.
Every other year, a talented new group of cock-eyed optimists join the ranks of Congress as freshmen. Almost immediately thereafter, without warning, Lord Acton Disease sweeps their ranks. Having come to Washington with ideals, they quickly become preoccupied with performing "news-cycle" dramas for the media. This disorder should have its own DSM-IV classification.

He continues:
[T]he only effective response [to the recession], I believe, would be to do nothing beyond maybe some shoring up of some 'safety nets' like extending unemployment benefits. When sick with the flu, go to bed, take it easy, drink lots of fluids, take vitamin C, and let time do its job. Things will get better eventually. But what do I know.
What he knows the media will not tell us, they are too blinded by co-dependent status in supporting this, the ultimate, power-based disorder.

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