Sunday, February 08, 2009


Vice President Joe Biden speaking at the House Democrats’ retreat Friday morning:
But let me move for a second to what I was supposed to talk about. I was asked to talk about foreign policy. You know that old joke, you know, an expert is anyone from out of town with a briefcase? I'm out of town, but I don't have a briefcase, and I know a lot of you know as much and more about foreign policy as I do, but it's like that old joke, I hope you Texans aren't offended, but in Delaware that old joke about the Texan who said ‘I don't now much about art but I know what I like?’ Well, I may not know much about it, but I know what I think, and I know what I think we have to do.
If George Bush or Dan Quayle had said this, Democrats and MSM would have cited the quote as evidence of stupidity. Instead, the members apparently ignored Biden, as Politico reports:
It took the vice president about 20 minutes get to the heart of his prepared remarks about foreign policy. During the speech, some members read newspapers or checked BlackBerrys in the warm conference room.
(via The Corner)

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