Monday, February 09, 2009

Obamessiah Suck-Up of the Day

From the spring course catalog at the Rochester Institute of Technology:
0509-449 Special Topics: Philosophy and Literature: Barack Obama. Barack Obama’s election is widely recognized as a landmark event in US history. This team-taught course will examine Obama’s writings within a larger literary and philosophical context. We will attempt to better understand his life story and political philosophy by examining his published works (such as his memoir Dreams From My Father) in the light of other writings, memoirs, and essays drawn from various sources. We will see whether, and to what extent, Obama’s writings can be understood within a coherent theoretical and historical framework. (Meets TR 10:00–11:50 in 06-3225. Instructors: Capps and Elahi.)
(via John Derbyshire at The Corner)

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