Monday, January 26, 2009

Spend Wisely Obama

Carl skipped the inauguration speech, while I did not. Why? Because I believed he would deliver a speech dripping with magnetism, quotable for the next 200 years. I wanted to to hear it myself before they quote it out of context. It would have given me something to else do besides shooing these miserable kids off my lawn.

That did not happen. He did not even come close to "Ask not what your country can do for you..." he did utter this gem:
Those of us who manage the public's dollars will be held to account — to spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day — because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and their government.
To honor the occasion, I have composed this nice letter to President Obama. It echos the sentiments of Brian and Allison over at the ACUF, who ask for your help in holding Obama to his promises, which I urge you to read.
My Dear, Dear B-Man:

How are things with you, the Mrs. and all the little Obamas in the new home? Getting settled in and picking out a new china pattern? The place could use some color. . .

Looks like you have a whole lot more power today than you did a few days ago. I can see you on the TV with your new Cadillac One. . . and check out that Air Force One. Bad!

With the press fawning all over you and proclaiming you can do no evil, let us not let this make you all head-trippy, you need a little deflating.

Barack, I heard about the little problem you had later, and I well, say this as a friend: ED can happen to anyone, even the president. There, well someone had to say that.

Now that we registered your mortal status, before you start experimenting with the economy, have you read 'The Forgotten Man'? It is about the Roosevelt administration during the depression. Yes it is long, we will give you the Cliff notes version.

Roosevelt liked to experiment too. . . one of his experiments we call Social Security. Many of the others like the National Recovery Administration were ruled unconstitutional, but not until they prolonged the depression and created misery for the untold multitudes. Here are a few more lessons learned from Roosevelt:

- Raising taxes in recession will extend it, it destroys motivation for innovation
- Wage and price controls will not cure inflation or deflation, they do cause local pain. (corollary: the min wage is counterproductive)
- Tariffs + quotas are counterproductive.
- Cutting military spending will add many laborers to the unemployment lines.

Now we realize that you promised to do a lot before the election. like universal health care, 'economic justice'. Lets not forget the promise of net spending cuts. We do need massive economic stimulus to avoid the fate of Japan -- but every dollar has to count. Looking at the economic stimulus spending bill:

- $6 billion to weatherize modest income homes
- $6 billion to provide internet in underserved areas
- $20 billion to increase food stamp funding
- $87 billion to provide a "temporary" increase in Medicaid funding
- $4 Billion for law enforcement?
- $79 billion in state fiscal relief
- $41 billion to local school district
- $15.6 billion to increase the PELL Grant.

Is this change we can believe in? More relevant to your most recent promise in your inaugural address, is this "spending wisely"? Come on, this is a lot of either pork or socialism in stimulus clothing. If you keep it up they will be calling it chittlins. Or I will anyway.

Barack -- if our government is going to spend wisely, you need a litmus test on what will stimulate the economy before we spend the bling. Insist on it! Lets not let our precious tax dollars go to social programs in the name of economic stimulus. We all know that make work jobs are a drag on the economy. Duh! Now, do some of that president stuff. Thanks.

BTW I sent you a Linkedin invitation, look for it!

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The CBO report reveals that the majority of H.R. 1, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 will be in the form of income transfers.


OBloodyHell said...

I've seen lots of idiots arguing for review of free trade agreements, too.

Now THERE is some real genius in operation.

One of the chief things which has clearly, inarguably been associated with prolonging and deepening the worldwide Great Depression was international protectionism.

One thing is blatantly clear:

It would be nothing short of criminal to invoke any sort of protectionism.

So of course, they're going to do it...

OBloodyHell said...


> We all know that make work jobs are a drag on the economy.

Even more critically, this whole whine of Linda Hirschman is ignorant stupidity.

She whines that these "government created jobs will favor men over women", which ignores that men have been hurt far more by the downturn that women have.

Look at the stats on the lost jobs -- men are by far more likely to be unemployed that women. -- so her complaint about any jobs programs "being unfair to women" is flat-out garbage.

We all know exactly what it is -- it's an effort by a loudmouth feminist to get special treatment for women, which is what feminism is all about and always has been.

[Feminism has] focused on the fact that women as a group earned less -- without focusing on any of the reasons why women earned less, [such as:] full-time working men work an average of 9 hours per week more than full-time working women; men are more willing to relocate to undesirable locations, to work the less desirable hours, and to work the more hazardous jobs.
- Warren Farrell -

The political genius of the feminist movement was its sense that it could appeal to all women only by emphasizing expansion of rights and opportunities and avoiding expansion of responsibilities. Had the National Organization for Women fought to register 18 year old girls for the draft, it might have lost members. Had feminism emphasized women's responsibilities for taking sexual initiatives, or paying for men's dinners, or choosing careers they liked less in order to support adult men better, its impact owuld have been more egalitarian but less politically successful.
- Warren Farrell -

Bob in Los Angeles said...

OBH Thanks for this quote on feminism, one I will keep handy now.