Monday, January 12, 2009


Marvin Hier writes about anti-Israeli bais in the January 8th Wall Street Journal:
How else can we explain the double-standard that is applied to the Gaza conflict, if not for a more insidious bias against the Jewish state?

At the U.N., no surprise, this double-standard is in full force. In response to Israel's attack on Hamas, the Security Council immediately pulled an all-night emergency meeting to consider yet another resolution condemning Israel. Have there been any all-night Security Council sessions held during the seven months when Hamas fired 3,000 rockets at half a million innocent civilians in southern Israel? You can be certain that during those seven months, no midnight oil was burning at the U.N. headquarters over resolutions condemning terrorist organizations like Hamas. But put condemnation of Israel on the agenda and, rain or shine, it's sure to be a full house.

Red Cross officials are all over the Gaza crisis, describing it as a full-blown humanitarian nightmare. Where were they during the seven months when tens of thousands of Israeli families could not sleep for fear of a rocket attack? Where were their trauma experts to decry that humanitarian crisis? . . .

The pattern is always the same. Following a cease-fire brought on by international pressure, there will be a call for a massive infusion of funds to help Palestinians recover from the devastation of the Israeli attack. The world will respond eagerly, handing over hundreds of millions of dollars. To whom does this money go? To Hamas, the same terrorist group that brought disaster to the Palestinians in the first place.

The world seems to have forgotten that at the end of World War II, President Harry Truman initiated the Marshall Plan, investing vast sums to rebuild Germany. But he did so only with the clear understanding that the money would build a new kind of Germany -- not a Fourth Reich that would continue the policies of Adolf Hitler. Yet that is precisely what the world will be doing if we once again entrust funds to Hamas terrorists and their Iranian puppet masters.
See also Tom Carter:
As evidenced by statements over many years by Arab political leaders, religious figures, academics, and people in the street, their ultimate goal is to destroy the state of Israel and render the region judenrein.
And Norm Geras:
Won't it be human, natural and right if Israel and Israelis reel in horror should people be murdered in caf├ęs and shops? Should not others than Israelis reel in horror, too, in that event? . . .

But why, in that case, don't we read Guardian editorials projecting the Palestinians reeling in horror but having forgotten the rocket attacks from Gaza that were the background to Israel's military assault? If mere causal projection is your business, it can fall anywhere in the relevant terrain. But if it always falls in one place and directed against one side, then causality and explanation aren't the only things going on.
(via Instapundit who says, "much of the world wants Israel to die.")

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Anonymous said...

The United Nations is blatantly anti-Jewish. The country of France is becoming increasingly anti-Jewish. If the world doesn't wake up to the destructive ugliness of anti-Jewish thoughts and acts and stop teaching children to hate "others", the world will slip back into barbarism and general darkness. The contributions of Jewish people to the world (including France) are underestimated and underappreciated. Islam is slavery and disrespect for all "others." Jewish people respect "others" and allow for creativity. How can we enlighten these negative people to respect and allow the Jewish people to exist and flourish? It is in the best interests of the beneficiaries of Jewish creations, e.g., medicine, technology, music.