Monday, February 02, 2009

Press Fails to Perform Due Diligence

The press has failed to give the citizens of this country any information other than 'Republicans won't support Obama' -- see the Wall Street Journal on this piece: ABC & CBS Chide Republicans for 'Turning Cold Shoulder' to Obama. The press is making fun of Republicans, oh what fun!

The press has not done its due diligence on the spending bill. Can someone kindly call Couric and ask her a couple questions? I'd do it myself, but I lost her number...
What will the GDP and GDP growth factor be in three years with and without the bill?

What will the unemployment rate be, with and without the bill?

How much economic growth will the chittlin bill... ah er the ... ah stimulus bill foster?
Katie gave the commencement address when I graduated from the University of Virginia. I was amazed there was room at the podium for both her and her massive ego. Ask her any questions about metrics on the economy, see if she answers "all of them".

It is clearly appropriate to revive this Matt Davies Mea Culpa

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