Wednesday, January 07, 2009


As reported on Haaretz:
French public television network France 2 on Tuesday revealed they had aired photographs that allegedly showed destruction caused by the Israel Air Force during Operation Cast Lead, which were in fact taken during a different incident in 2005, one in which Gaza civilians were killed by an explosion caused by militants in the Strip.

The footage aired on Channel 2 on Tuesday afternoon showed dozens of dead bodies, including Hamas gunmen and citizens, which the channel said were killed by an IAF bombing raid on January 1st. It later came to light that the channel had instead aired footage of the devastation caused after a truck full of explosives blew up in the Jabaliya Refugee Camp.

A news editor at France 2 told Le Figaro Tuesday that they had "made a mistake by airing those pictures, which he said depict events from 2005.
(via Power Line, Little Green Footballs)


OBloodyHell said...

OK, so, if I read that correctly, the destruction shown was NOT from any Israeli action at all, but from some terrorist screwup?

MaxedOutMama said...

Fake but accurate, ya know.

Not that this would be any slightest proof of an anti-Israeli bent.

Carl said...


You read it correctly.