Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obamessiah Suck-Up of the Day

From Politico:
President Barack Obama is taking far-reaching steps to centralize decision-making inside the White House, surrounding himself with influential counselors, overseas envoys and policy "czars" that shift power from traditional Cabinet posts.

Not even a week has passed since he was sworn in, but already Obama is moving to create perhaps the most powerful staff in modern history -- a sort of West Wing on steroids that places no less than a half-dozen of his top initiatives into the hands of advisers outside the Cabinet.
(via Instapundit)

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Geoffrey Britain said...

Not knowing who these policy czars are I can only suspect that they are all considerably to the left of his cabinet appointments as no other explanation seems plausible.

If so, it neatly explains his adoption of center-left choices for his cabinet. All for show and with the connivance of the MSM, a dog and pony show.

Executive 'orders' however will not be sufficient to yield his dreamed for socialistic/marxist paradise.

It will take legislation to do that and therein will lie the transparency to lay bare his true intentions.