Saturday, December 06, 2008

Un-Real Policy

UPDATE: below

American Thinker posts an excellent piece comparing Barack Obama's assumptions about climate change with the scientific facts. As others have noted, prominent among them is the expanding realization that "There is no relationship between CO2 and temperature." Indeed, at the current rate of global cooling, rather than agree to carbon caps, "we will have met the Kyoto target of 1990 temperature in just two years without having done anything!"

More reasons that climate alarmism could go "on the 'back burner' when reality begins to bite," a notion echoed by Robert Samuelson in the Washington Post. That's why support for warming legislation is shrinking. Except at the New York Times.

But will Obama and the Democrats listen? Depends on the meaning of "change."

BTW, I recommend James Peden's essay on the science--the lack thereof--behind Anthropogenic (man-made) global warming.


BizzyBlog wonders, "Will Obama’s Next 'Betrayal' Be of His Environmentalist Supporters?" And MaxedOutMama looks at the EPA case on remand and the next administration's options, remarking:
[I]f Obama follows through, we ARE going to have a depression in this country. This economy is too weak to withstand this type of gaming. It will be an interesting spring.
(via NC Watch, Protein Wisdom, Cheat Seeking Missiles, Maggie's Farm, Tom Nelson, Planet Gore)

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