Saturday, December 13, 2008

They Spied

According to Strategy Page, Saddam planted deep cover agents in America:
Over a dozen suspects were uncovered, and most were charged, if not prosecuted, for espionage. In Michigan, where the largest concentration of Arab-Americans live, four U.S. citizens have been prosecuted in the last few years. Some of Saddam's agents even took jobs as interpreters in Iraq after 2003.
Another reason I still support the Iraq invasion.

(via Instapundit)


Anonymous said...

Maybe you support the Iraq invasion, but do you have a plan for dealing with the world-wide destructive impact of Islam/Koran? Seems as though all the nonKoran/nonIslamic religions ought to join together to stop this KoranicIslamic political movement to deprive human beings of freedom and other basic rights while murdering and maiming people who choose to think and believe what they choose to believe and think. It's time atheists and agnostics got a little more respect in this world. I look forward to the day an American President is elected who declares his or her right to think and believe for herself or himself.

Carl said...

Your last two sentences don't follow. As you concede, other faiths aren't killing to advance their religion. And, at least in a hundred years (and likely longer), no President has constrained or discouraged freedom of thought or belief.