Monday, December 22, 2008

Obamessiah Suck-Up of the Day

The Washington Post is giving readers a chance to buy classified ads to "welcome the First Family to the White House!" Prices start at $10, and the Post touts the opportunity to "be a part of history."

But the WaPo will reject 48 percent of possible viewpoints, according to the fine print condition at the bottom of the web page:
All ads must be congratulatory in nature.
I'm tempted to try my hand. How about:
Congratulations, Mr President/read No Oil for Pacifists
(via Best of the Web, MediaBistro)

1 comment:

Bob Combs said...

I like yours a lot. Try these on:

Congratulations on your new home in DC. Property values still falling there?

Congratulations on picking Biden for VP -- SS code name "Assasination Insurance" (thanks Ann Coulter for that one.)

Congratulations now don't step on your d**k cuz the whole world is watching. But know that if you do the democratic press will protect you.