Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Obamessiah Suck-Up of the Day

UPDATE: below

Liberal web-sites are canonizing the dangerous doofus shoe-thrower Muntader al-Zaidi--as The Corner says, "The Left's New Hero of the People." A Facebook group even is urging Americans to throw their old shoes at President Bush.

So much for my predicted fade-out of BDS.


NewsBusters follows the story.

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OBloodyHell said...

> So much for my predicted fade-out of BDS.

Bush will need to be completely gone for it to fade, and, more likely, it will simply transfer onto some other object, as fetishes usually do (a hate fetish isn't really all that different from a love fetish, you know -- a fetish is about the focus and the obsession, not about the object to which it is attached).

If Palin has any success, she'll probably be the object of it. If not, then whatever front-runner takes on the Reaganesque role in the party's rebuilding efforts.