Sunday, December 14, 2008

Obamessiah Suck-Up of the Day

From a BBC story about the effect on the Blagojevich scandal on the President-elect:
Finally it's been a busy few years, posthumously, that is, for Abraham Lincoln.

Barack Obama makes a statement about Governor Blagojevich
Mr Obama said he was "saddened" by news of the allegations

Barack Obama evoked the spirit of Honest Abe when he announced his candidacy for the White House in Springfield, the state capital of Illinois in 2007.

In recent months we have been force-fed comparisons between two politicians who cut their milk teeth in Illinois politics.

Abraham Lincoln went on to transform America and earn his place on Mount Rushmore. Could Barack Obama do the same?

The emerging Obama cabinet has been compared to Lincoln's team of rivals. And now Abe has been mentioned again. This time in less salubrious company.

The charges against Governor Blagojevich would make Abraham Lincoln "roll over in his grave", Mr Fitzgerald told reporters.

The latest scandal has become an unwelcome distraction for the man whose US Senate seat the governor is said to have tried to sell to the highest bidder.
Still, neither the Beeb nor the WaPo and NY Times sucked up as much as TV station KHQA, as detailed by Little Green Footballs and JammieWearingFool.

(via The Corner)


Anonymous said...

Everybody knows that, in order to be a good politician....successful, effective, one needs to be scrupulously honest.

Carl said...

Sure, but why did KHQA delete and explain away evidence?