Friday, November 14, 2008


From Jeff Jacoby in Sunday's Boston Globe:
The storyline goes something like this: America's onetime popularity in the world was squandered by George W. Bush, whose belligerence and unilateralism after Sept. 11, 2001, alienated allies and engendered widespread anti-Americanism. But now, with the election of Barack Obama, America can restore its good name and regain the world's goodwill.

One vigorous exponent of this narrative has been Obama himself. "The single most important issue that we're facing in this election," he said during the campaign, is choosing a leader "to repair all the damage that's been done to America's reputation overseas." When I become president, he often told voters, "the world will look at America differently." . . .

For Obama, such worldwide jubilation must be gratifying. He should take it all with a healthy shake of salt, however. Because it isn't going to last.

Antagonism to the United States is as old as the United States. It didn't begin with the current president, unpopular though he is, or in response to American military action in Iraq. Nor is it going to vanish Jan. 20.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Jacoby is talking about reality. What is reported in the newspapers is another thing altogether. In the MSM, the world is going to love us for a long time. Any contrary evidence that breaks through will be treated as anomalous.

Anonymous said...

George Bush and the Supreme Court that stole the election from the voters by placing Bush in the White House diminished the USA in the eyes of the world based on who and what George Bush is and what Bush did and did not do while President. Everyone can see and feel clearly the results of this Bush/Republican administration. Nearly pure destruction of all the underpinnings of the USA. Is greed stronger then patriotism? Apparently so.