Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ok, So I Lied

UPDATE: FOX retracted calling Obama for Ohio.

But Obama's likely to win Ohio anyway.

This is NBC's results widget:

Obama's nearly over the top. I think McCain will win North Carolina narrowly. But FOX already called Ohio for Obama. And Florida results aren't favorable. If Obama wins both Florida and Ohio, and all other states break as expected, the count would be: Obama-338, McCain-200. Call it a landslide--the MSM will.


If McCain wins Ohio but loses North Carolina and Florida, the count changes by 5: Obama-333, McCain-205.


NBC just called Ohio for Obama. The blue-state count could be upwards of 353 electoral votes, with only 185 red electoral votes. If, contrary to my expectations, McCain wins Virginia, the count goes to 340/198.

Landslide . . . bedtime.

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