Monday, November 03, 2008

Dismal Science

Did economist Paul Krugman deserve his Nobel prize, or was it more Nordic Bush-bashing? Looking at some columns from the 1990s, Steve Sailer pronounces Krugman "an egomaniacal jerk" and "jaw-droppingly dumb."

(via The Corner)


bobn said...

One example of what could only be called Krugman's willful ignorance here.

Though even Krugman was smart enough to reject the Paulson "Swindler's Bailout Bill of 2008". Paulson makes Krugman look like a genius and a saint.

Carl said...

Just about all lefties are in denial about the need to fix Social Security, the same way they seem convinced that global warming is caused, and can be cured, by man. Expect each view to recede starting January 20th.