Friday, October 24, 2008

To the Contrary

Guess who's now cosseted according to CBS News?:
It might be surprising to some to learn that Sarah Palin is now talking to her national press corps more often than Joe Biden.

While the once silent Palin has taken questions from reporters that travel with her three times in the last week, Biden has not offered the same type of access to reporters who cover his every move on the campaign trail in almost two months.
(via Instapundit)


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Too late. The narrative is already embedded that she's a dodging coward because she's so dumb. I had several people tell me that this week.

Carl said...


Anonymous said...

People just feel uncomforable with smart, pretty, successful women. I wonder why. That's why Cecily Bok wrote her dissertation on failure of success in women. It's still a major problem. How do you suggest dissolving this problem in our fair society?

OBloodyHell said...

> People just feel uncomforable with smart, pretty, successful women.

No, Democrats feel uncomfortable with smart, pretty, successful women who haven't acknowledged their oh-so-obvious victimhood and manage to ACTUALLY be smart, pretty, and successful

The GOP (Condi, Palin) are obviously not thus encumbered.

We like strong women who can kick ass.

Think about it. Which party is the party of the nanny(mommy) state?

To the Dems, women are supposed to be supportive and understanding of your failings. They are supposed to come in behind you and clean up your mess.

They aren't supposed to open up a can of whoopass on you for screwing up, like smart, pretty, and successful women are liable to do.

Anonymous said... may be right. There sure seem to be a lot of women and men who seem deeply uncomfortable with smart, pretty, successful women. I think that reveals their own inadequacies, but people say and do strange things to make themselves feel superior to anybody. It's a sad feature of our society that these valuable members are not encouraged to shine, rather then discouraged.