Friday, October 03, 2008

Moonbat Logic

Are you sixty or older? Voting for McCain? Then you might be racist--due to brain damage!--as reported by Chicago Tribune correspondent Howard Witt:
Older white voters heavily favored Sen. Hillary Clinton over Sen. Barack Obama during the Democratic primary season, and national polls indicate that group now leans toward Sen. John McCain by 10 percentage points or more.

Pollsters and political scientists cannot pinpoint how much of that anti-Obama sentiment may be related to racial prejudice. But sociologists say their research indicates that implicit racial biases influence the voting decisions of many Americans of all ages — and that, for very basic physiological reasons related to the aging of their brains, many older citizens may be unable to suppress their prejudicial impulses, whether at the family dinner table or in the privacy of a voting booth.
Next up: Obama spends some of his $455 million on Geritol.

(via Moonbattery)


Assistant Village Idiot said...

And young people don't finish myelinating until they are 25, so all those Obama youth votes should be suspect as well.

Anonymous said...

Do people vote based on POSITIVE reasons or NEGATIVE reasons?


What makes sense?

It seems as though greedy, dishonest capitalists are destroying capitalism.

I think it is time to toss the current system and establish a new system based on POSITIVE and based on TRUTH. We are also in desperate need of a religion-free calendar. Maybe we can do both at the same time.