Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dream Come True?

ESPN is considering demoting baseball color commentator Joe Morgan from the flagship Sunday Night Baseball (where he teams with Jon Miller) to Wednesday night baseball, according to the NY Daily News:
Sources said Morgan could be shifted to the network's midweek baseball telecast, where he would work with a new play-by-play partner. . .

Miller and Morgan have spent nearly two decades together. During that time their relationship has had its rocky moments. That's no secret.

What's coming to light is how unpopular Morgan has become with many of his ESPN colleagues, who are less than thrilled with the way he prepares for a telecast. Some of them also don't respond well to what they call Morgan's haughty attitude, which he has displayed during some of his more outspoken performances in internal ESPN meetings.

Prone to on-air mistakes, Morgan also has come under some intense media scrutiny. And during those moments when he's made a mistake, the give and take between him and Miller can sound strained. But some of this stuff (if you don't take it all seriously) is kind of funny.

Take Wednesday night, during the first inning of Game 1. After Chase Utley hit a two-run homer off Scott Kazmir, Morgan said: "And the count went to 3-and-2. With Ryan Howard coming up next they gave him (Utley) a fastball. ... When the count goes to 3-and-2 you have to throw a fastball and Chase Utley does what he does so often."

There was a long pause. Howard swung and missed for strike one. Miller: "Chase Utley fell behind in the count 0-2... "

Morgan: "I thought it was 3-and-2, but you're saying it was 2-and-2."

Miller: "Two balls and two strikes on the count before the (Utley) homer."

It wasn't quite "who's on first," but you get the picture, right? is near speechless: "OMG OMG OMG!!!!" I say "faster please."

(via reader Paul P.)


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Joe Morgan had talented feet and hands. Those are good things in a player.

Carl said...

And he's justly in the HoF. But still a terrible broadcaster.

OBloodyHell said...

> And he's justly in the HoF. But still a terrible broadcaster.

Well, there's 'is problem. He ain't a broad.