Sunday, October 26, 2008

Different Sort of Republican Bailout

National Review writer David Frum thinks McCain's cause is hopeless, so suggests in today's Washington Post that,
Every available dollar that can be shifted to a senatorial campaign must be shifted to a senatorial campaign.
Although I agree on the importance of a filibuster-capable Senate, it's worth remembering that many Republican Senators (including McCain) are well to the left of most conservatives. Making the Senate, says The Corner's Mark Krikorian, "an unlikely source of Republican renewal."


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Yes, a core of House Republicans have been the noble, unthanked conservatives for a dozen years. When you feel like abandoning the Republican Party for its lack of ethics and conservative instincts, think of those souls still laboring in the fields. They are about all we have at the moment.

Carl said...

Agreed. But, we're losing them in a week.

Anonymous said...

Big loss. Big gain for the people who are sick of the big spending.