Sunday, October 26, 2008


UPDATE: below

Headline from Thursday's Timothy Noah Slate critique of McCain:
McCain's Hero: More Socialist Than Obama!
McCain can call Obama a socialist or he can call Teddy Roosevelt his hero. He can't do both.
Para 11 from the same story:
T.R., of course, was no socialist. Indeed, his purpose was largely to prevent socialists from coming to power.1
Conclusion: Noah can call TR a socialist or not. He can't do both. Except in Slate.


Assistant Village Idiot in comments:
Noah's Headlines: More Misleading Than Ever!
1 Noah's next sentence reads, "But the trust buster got called a socialist a lot more often than Obama ever will." My guess is that 10 minutes on Google would confirm that Obama's been labeled "socialist" more times this week than TR was in total. Anyway, as Neo-neocon observes, socialist is the new black.

(via reader Bruce J.)


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Noah's Headlines: More Misleading Than Ever!

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