Monday, September 08, 2008

We Are the Change

Ann Althouse commenting on the New York Times' coverage of Palin:
Did the "belief that women can balance family life with ambitious careers" just become right wing? If so, wow! That is perhaps the most amazing political flip I've seen in my life.
Don't tell this Anonymous, and clueless, liberal.

BTW, the title was one of Bush 41's failed 1992 slogans.


Anonymous said...

Republicans are host to a $407 billion deficit. Where is the "conservativism" in that? Liberals can't do worse. Anyway, I don't see any liberals running for office. Do you?

Carl said...


You're so clueless a liberal, you can't even recognize one of your own.

Anonymous said...

Is Palin the "liberal" you are referring to because she and her daughter had sex and became pregnant outside of marriage?