Friday, August 29, 2008


Matt Welch in Reason:
You'd think that such a disconnect between anti-war base and pro-interventionist leadership would cause a few brains to explode, but the only people who seem to be hearing the dissonance in Denver are journalists.
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Geoffrey Britain said...

I'm told that once you accept the premise that reason need not have a factual basis, intellectual disconnects become much easier. It must be true, look at how many millions have achieved it.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

gb - indeed. The intellect is often used to merely rationalize a decision based on more primitive drives.

My hypothesis is that Democrats are concerned with getting someone who seems to be "one of Us, not one of Them." The rest is detail.

Geoffrey Britain said...

avi - I concur.

I must say that some conservatives fall prey to the same 'rationalizations', they just have a different set of premises.

That said, acceptance of the concept of objective reality does demand a more logically rigorous rationale.

So in the main, I find conservatives to be far more amenable to propositions grounded in factual observation.