Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Odd News Article of the Day

From the Canadian Broadcast Corporation last Monday:
An American war deserter living in Canada since 2005 has lost his bid to stay in the country while his legal case unfolds and could be deported as early as Tuesday.

A Federal Court judge in Vancouver on Monday rejected Robin Long's application for a stay of his deportation order.

source: CBC

The 25-year-old fled to Canada to avoid serving in Iraq. He was arrested in Nelson, B.C., last October on a Canada-wide warrant.

Long had said he tried to gain refugee status in Canada because he believes he would suffer harm if he had to return to his home country.

In her ruling, Federal Court of Canada Justice Anne Mactavish said Long did not provide clear and convincing evidence that he would suffer irreparable harm if he is returned home.

Outside the court, one of Long's supporters said he is unaware of any other recourse for Long and that he will likely be deported on Tuesday.
A reminder: ours is a volunteer Army.

(via Gateway Pundit)


OBloodyHell said...

What did this idiot think the military was for in the first place? Free room and board without having to live with his parents? A guaranteed job?

I mean, having made a committment, you're kind of obligated to either follow the committment or at least take the punishment that goes with it -- he could have simply refused to go, and wound up in Leavenworth for a couple years, with a DD or a BDC, no worse off (Leavenworth is a federal pen, so it's not likely to be a hellhole like a State prison).


Carl said...


Agreed. The left's view of our military seems to be stuck approximately at Platoon.

OBloodyHell said...

> The left's view of our military seems to be stuck approximately at Platoon.

Yeah, but this bozo apparently thought it was more like Stripes... LOL.