Sunday, May 18, 2008


George Will in Sunday's WaPo:
In identity politics, ritualized indignation about imagined affronts is highly choreographed and hence predictable.
(via reader Doug J.)


OBloodyHell said...

Will suggests that there are those who think Obama should offer Hillary the Veep. Sorry, as I've noted before, I do not believe Hillary's ego would allow her to be #2, esp. when she was so utterly convinced the #1 spot was hers for the taking.

In either case, I don't believe she would help Obama. A lot of the anti-Hillary sentiment would then attach itself to the O-C ticket automatically, which would screw up any potential benefit to be gained from Hillary supporters.

After all, it's not like there wasn't already a female veep nom -- Ferraro managed it decades ago.

Hillary just hasn't got it. As Frank, over on VariFrank put it back in April, after one of Obama's speeches:

Obamas numbers will go up, and Clintons down. She is the anti-particle to Bill Clinton. Where he could charm even his enemies, she can only annoy; even her friends and allies.

Hillary comes off as a shrill, annoying bitch -- Presumptious, arrogant, egotistical -- everything one might find wrong with a man with nothing good to balance it out. I suspect that, if she did manage to become president, her complete and utter failure at it would set back reasonable women's goals for "egalitarian perception" for decades. People would point to Hillary and say "A woman as president? Hell, NO! Look what happened that time!!" (I suspect much the same will occur for blacks if Obama becomes president... not because of racism but because I believe Obama will, in fact and if elected, do such a wretched job that no one will take a black candidate for PotUS seriously again for a generation or more.

The first black or woman PotUS *can* "screw up" --- but they dare not do so as completely and Hillary's and Obama's policies will screw things up...

Carl said...


I agree with your first point. Hillary's already been Vice President--why on earth would she accept the same job again?