Thursday, April 03, 2008

Why Do We Bother?

According to the Haaretz (Israel) paper:
In a Hamas TV production for Palestinian children, a puppet stabs U.S. President George Bush to death in revenge for American and Israeli actions.

The children's puppet aired Sunday, part of series called "Exceptionals."

In the episode, Bush, a hand-held puppet dressed in a green uniform and wearing boxing gloves, is shown talking to a Palestinian child.

The child, with tears in his voice, accuses Bush of killing his father in Iraq, his mother in Lebanon and his brothers and sisters in Gaza with the assistance of the Israelis.

The Islamic Hamas overran Gaza last June. Israel, the U.S. and EU consider it a terror group. Hamas charges the U.S. with backing Israeli attacks.

The unnamed child tells Bush: "You are a criminal. You deprived me of everything."

The child says, "I have to take my revenge with this sword of Islam."

Bush, in a panic, pleads for his life. "I repent. Don't kill me."

He invites the child for talks in the White House. But child counters that the White House has been turned into a mosque, and "impure Bush" can't enter it. Then the child stabs him to death.


Anonymous said...

These insane, sadistic, barbaric people must be stopped. They are terrorizing the civilized world and destroying all the good that humans have worked hard to create. They are threatened by FREEDOM because they know that free people would never choose the slavery Islam offers. Does the Koran cause insanity?

OBloodyHell said...

Wasn't becoming "in charge" in Palestine supposed to moderate Hamas?

Yeah, it's working, we can tell!

I hear that next week, they plan to merely set off only *two* bombs in Israel.

OBloodyHell said...

> Why Do We Bother?

Because the liberals are there.

Brain Damage. It's not just for the left, it's for everyone!

Anonymous said...

Do all religions cause brain damage? Zebras don't seem neurotic. Is that because they weren't told what to believe and threatened with death and other horrors, if they don't walk in lock step with the beliefs of dead zebras?

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Yeah, anonymous, those militant Presbyterians can be dangerous.

Carl said...


Though my own religious beliefs haven't advanced beyond "confused," the progressive practice of lumping all religions together so as to dismiss each as stupefying and/or murderous, is annoying. It reveals its promoters as prejudiced to a degree that conservatives mirroring such pronouncements would be accused of hate speech. It also signals ignorance--those claiming the Old and New Testament or current Judeo-Christian doctrine counsel killing, or depend on the diktat of clergy, are simply too lazy to fact check. (Should you be overcome by an epiphany as to the value of education, I recommend examining the Ten Commandments, and reading about the Treaty of Westphalia--especially in comparison to that anti-religious utopia of pure reason, the French Revolution).

AVI is right--though zombies and killers can confuse any faith, or atheism, equally, five hundred years of facts do not support the notion that Jewish or Christian doctrine encourage killing the way Hamas's childrens' video does. And even if they did, the separation of religion and state--a concept at odds with most Muslim states--would thwart even the appearance of government sanction of religious violence. Your inability to make such distinctions is ill-informed and illogical.

Michael said...

The children are taught by terrorist endorsing parents and terrorists themselves to dehumanize the Jews. Often times they refer to the Jewish population as "pigs."

I agree with Carl on the stereotyping, normally those who lump all religions together is like saying your racist because your great great grandparents were slave owners. Even though the person in the modern era doesn't believe in slavery, he is still lumped in with the rest of them 300 years ago.

But generally, those who practice such "stereotyping" are themselves "anti-religion or anti-Christian."

OBloodyHell said...

> Your inability to make such distinctions is ill-informed and illogical.

Isn't this a polite way to say "Brain Damaged"? Didn't I already say that?


> But generally, those who practice such "stereotyping" are themselves "anti-religion or anti-Christian."

I believe the term you're seeking is "atheistic bigot".