Friday, February 22, 2008

Why DC Isn't A State

I'm taking a long weekend in sunny Florida, which is one. But the Constitution classes DC as a "District", not a "State." Still another reason is because it would be embarrassing, as evidenced by DC's Congressional "Delegate" Eleanor Holmes Norton at Thursday's Baseball steroids hearing:
Eleanor Holmes Norton to [Roger] Clemens: "Why did you keep this man [former Clemens trainer Brian McNamee]? He did some pretty horrendous things."

Clemens: "I'm a forgiving person."

Norton: "Mr. Clemens, I'm sure you're going to heaven."
Thankfully, Ms Norton can't vote on the House floor.


Iowa_John said...

My "favorite" DC moment came when making a delivery to a DC government office during one of the many fiscal crises. I was walking through the hall and found a pile of bankers storage boxes that had sheafs of sales tax checks from merchants spilling out of them. A rough estimate would say that there were about 5000 checks there for god knows how much money.

Apparently cashing the checks would have required addition or forms or something. I took it as the final straw and moved out of DC before Junior could be exposed to the schools.

Carl said...


I don't have a comparable first-person brush with bad bureaucracy, but this post on DC school textbooks is similarly awful.

Congrats on escaping.