Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Matt Labash in the March 3rd Weekly Standard:
[T]here is a new creepy cult leader on the loose, Barack Obama. . .

His legions of moonie-eyed idolaters do have a knack for embarrassing themselves, and the rest of us. They wait in line for hours to pack agriplexes in the Midwest, acting like squealing tweens whose parents have dropped them off at a Hannah Montana concert. They clap when he blows his nose. They shoot celebrity-studded music videos, whose lyrics are direct lifts from Obama speeches. They sing his gauzy nostrums--Yes we can!--as though the words carried the weight of scripture, when they really sound less like a coherent political philosophy than something Jenny Craig affinity-groupers would chant before the weekly weigh-in.

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OBloodyHell said...

As long as the patina lasts sufficient to keep Hitlary out of office, I'm happy.

McCain is no picnic, but he's better than any current Dem Presidential candidate I'm aware of.

I'd consider Liberman or Zell Miller of Dems I know of. Not likely to get to vote for either of those.