Sunday, February 10, 2008


From FactCheck.Org:
The Democratic National Committee proposes to spend unlimited amounts of money to "tell the real story" about John McCain before Republicans can "start smearing" the eventual Democratic nominee. But the line of attack the Democrats outline to their potential donors in an e-mail contains some claims that are false or misleading. . .

The mass e-mail was sent out to the party faithful Feb. 6, the day after McCain emerged from Super Tuesday as the clear front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, and even before former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney suspended his run for the GOP nomination. The subject of the e-mail: "How we'll beat John McCain."

In the message, party chairman Howard Dean complains that McCain is a "media darling" whose "carefully-crafted image" can't be trusted. He asks for contributions to finance a series of attacks. "Only the Democratic Party is legally allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money to back our nominee and tell the real story about John McCain," he writes. "Let's get going."
Makes one wonder why he sponsored McCain-Feingold.

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