Thursday, February 28, 2008

Headless in Hollywood

Unsatisfied by mere airheadedness, at Sunday's Oscars, Hollywood aimed for appalling:
There was a dollop of politics. . .

Out on the red carpet, Paul Haggis (the director whose "Crash" won Best Picture in 2006) said he didn't know what accounts for all these deeply dark, brooding, troubled films. But isn't it obvious, he asked, flashing an orange ribbon on his lapel. Orange, why orange? "It's Guantanamo," his Max Azria-clad wife, Deborah, said, showing off her orange bracelet, which read: "Silence + torture = complicity." Suddenly, we noticed -- orange ribbons and bracelets everywhere.

source: LIBERTAS

As LIBERTAS observes:
The Hollywood Liberal wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a red, white, and blue ribbon, which makes one wonder why they had our troops in Iraq present an Oscar the other night when their hearts are really with those poor sexist, racist, homophobic, theocrats who wear orange jumpsuits.

Plus, we don’t torture. And don’t call waterboarding torture when we do it to our own Navy SEALS during training.

Am I alone in thinking it’s reasonable to call into question the patriotism of those who intentionally lie about their country to make it look bad? When people strut around bleeding their hearts over our enemies who are not tortured, but are in fact treated so well Michael Moore wishes we had their healthcare I’m gonna go out on a limb thinking they may not like America.
(via Conservative Grapevine, NewsBusters)


OBloodyHell said...

Not disputing it, but you have a reference to that SEALS waterboarding comment? Would like to have that handy in case I claim it and it gets challenged.

Carl said...


It's taught in the SERE course that SEALS, and many military and diplomatic corps personal, are required to take.

OBloodyHell said...


ORANGE, btw, is more "Truthiness to Power"

Carl said...