Friday, January 25, 2008

Man Bites Dog

They're "closing its breached border with the Gaza Strip on Friday, using barbed wire and water cannons to keep Palestinians from leaving the Hamas-controlled territory in defiance of an Israeli blockade." But this time, the offending country is Egypt:
The Egyptian government faces a difficult balancing act. It does not want to be seen as aiding Israel in its blockade of Gaza, but it fears the spread of Islamist influences and the effects of becoming home to so many undocumented Palestinians.
Hamas is at war with Fetah, with America, with Egypt and -- for all I know -- Andorra. So why does everyone blame Israel?

source: Dry Bones Blog

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OBloodyhell said...

> So why does everyone blame Israel?

'cause Israel is home to the eeeeeevil Jewish cabal.

You know, the ones who wrote The Protocols.

Actually, it's obvious. Your ownership of the nation must go back at least THREE-AND-A-HALF thousand years in order for you to have any right to protect and defend it.

A mere THREE thousand (i.e., how long the Jews have been in Israel) isn't enough.

This is also why Cali belongs to Mexico, of course.

Carl said...

Actually, the Jews' tenure in Palestine pre-dates any Arabs. And, of course, Jews were in Jerusalem well before Muhammad's disputed journey in 621 AD.