Monday, December 03, 2007

I'm Done with Pro Football This Year

Joe Gibbs should be fired (perhaps replaced by Bill Cower?). Exactly when do pitchers and catchers report?


CR UVa said...

Because the death of a teammate played no part in that.

Even still, do not expect to see Joe Gibbs fired. As poor of an owner as Dan Snyder is, hiring Gibbs was still a good decision, at least to get the fans back. At this point though, he will not fire him because Gibbs is one of the few men that Snyder does just have that much respect for. Expect Gibbs to leave on his own accord, either at the end of this season or the end of his contract.

Iowa_John said...

It's time to do what the Celtics did when they had to take the keys away from Red Auerbach. Promote him to team president and let him act as an advisor where he can still add value.

Carl said...

While I'd like to believe Sunday was a temporary lapse, Gibbs' body of work since returning to the Redskins shows a deeper flaw. In his first tenure, no coach was better at halftime adjustments than Gibbs. This season, the Skins often collapsed in the fourth quarter (e.g., against the Giants, Packers, Bucks and Bills).

I predict Red Stater is right: Gibbs will quit. But if he doesn't, I hope Snyder follows Iowa John's advice and "kicks him upstairs."

vfn said...


You can come watch the Cowboys at my place anytime!