Wednesday, December 12, 2007

All the Good News Never Fit to Print

As reported last month, the evidence suggests we're winning the war in Iraq. Most recently, according to Iraq Coalition Casualties, fatalities among U.S. soldiers in Iraq have dropped dramatically:

source: ICC

The figures for combat casualties as of the 11th are still better, says NewsBusters:
With about three weeks remaining in the quarter, hostile deaths (63 thus far) are on track to be the lowest in nearly four years.

Of course, we all would prefer that the numbers come down to zero. But the fact is that troop deaths have fallen to a level that is now much closer to zero than the figures reported in the early part of this year.


So where are the news stories? Vanishing, according to Media Research Org:
Back in September, when General David Petraeus reported that the surge in U.S. troops had improved the security situation in Iraq, the big three broadcast networks were openly skeptical. . .

That was three months ago. Now, all three networks have become more optimistic in their on-ground reporting from the war zone, admitting that the surge in troops and new counterinsurgency tactics have reduced the violence. But as the news from the war front improves, a Media Research Center study finds ABC, CBS and NBC are less likely to tell viewers about it.

source: Dec. 4 Media Reality Check

MRC researchers examined all 354 Iraq war stories that aired on the big three evening newscasts from September 1 through November 30, including weekends. That figure includes 234 field reports, plus 120 short headline items read by the news anchor.
Shuussssh! -- when it bleeds, it ledes; when it surges, it's spiked; the better the story, the less the column-inches.

I'm shocked; round up the usual liberal media suspects--and cancel your subscriptions.

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