Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Lost Sheep

Proof of the power of nonsense, spotted by Melanie Phillips:
With last Friday’s vote by the Anglican Consultative Council to ‘commend’ divestment from companies supporting Israel’s polices, based on a travesty of a report on Israel by the Anglican Peace and Justice Network, the Anglican church has descended into the moral abyss.

The APJN report is full of the most inflammatory lies, libels and distortions about Israel — and the fact that the amended resolution that was finally passed only welcomed part of it (a weaselly caveat to provide deniability) does not alter the fact that it provided the ammunition for a poisonous onslaught against Israel. The document uncritically reproduced the Arab propaganda version of Israel’s history and the present circumstances of the Middle East conflict, presenting the Arab perpetrators of genocidal mass murder as victims and their real victims as oppressors merely for trying to defend themselves. . .

In short, this document represents nothing less than an incitement to hatred against Israel and the Jews.

At the meeting, two voices were raised against it. The Very Rev John Moses, the Dean of St Paul's objected to the resolution, questioned the credentials of those who prepared the report and suggested that it was biased and would inflame Christian - Jewish tensions in the UK and would not help the peace process.

The second was the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, who proposed two amendments that softened the tone -- and he explicitly stated that this was not a call for disinvestment. Other Anglicans would appear to disagree. The American Presbyterian Church, which has been making divestment noises, is taking this resolution as a green light to go ahead. The enemies of Israel, life and justice worldwide will be taking huge encouragement from this resolution – for which Dr Williams, having amended it as a cosmetic exercise, duly voted.
It's not just Anglicans, according to the Simon Wiesenthal Center:
On July 1, 2005, the United Church of Christ (UCC), founded in 1957 as the union of several Christian traditions, convenes its General Synod, in Atlanta, Georgia. On the agenda are resolutions calling for the dismantling of Israel’s security barrier, and divestment from companies doing business with Israel.
Indeed, it's an anti-Israel pile-on:
A Presbyterian group that listened to all sides involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict says the Presbyterian Church (USA) has used false information to defend the 2004 General Assembly's one-sided call for divestment of funds in corporations doing business with Israel.

After a trip to the Mideast, eight leaders in the Presbytery of the New Covenant in Houston and one from the Mission Presbytery in San Antonio signed a letter to denominational letters criticizing the General Assembly and the PCUSA staff's defense of the divestment policy.
This is crazy slander--and hardly Christian. What sustains such "moral depravity"?

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Cogito Subito said...

I love the title! The metaphor has its telling limitations, though. While I would hope that a good shepherd would find these lost sheep and bring them back to the fold (with genuine Christian understanding), the true fold should comprise more than sheep (and a few goats). There are also camels and horses and cows, to name only a few. But although animals generally cannot communicate with each other to understand their differences and live with one another in peace, you would expect more from sentient people. We are all on this earth together and should treat each other humanely. Perhaps some day all the true facts about the conflict in the Mideast (and elsewhere) will not be lost in all the :lies, libels and distortions" (or inaccurate, misleading and inexpert reports). Maybe a better title would have been "Sheep Lost in Translation."

Carl said...

Cog. Sub.:

Only if the Anglicans, UCCers and Presbyterians were in Japan. Whether sheep or goat, they're wearing blinders.

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred said...

Thanks for the H/T- I read that post and her follow ups.

What I found most intersting was today's story about a Russian prosecutor investigating old Jewish religious texts (16th cent) as being 'racist.'

Makes me wonder when they'll look at Islamic texts and the Office of the Inquisitor General.

MaxedOutMama said...

You are dead right - this is nothing but groupthink that enshrines the agenda of people with whom no sensible religious person would be caught in bed.

This lot deserves what's coming.