Thursday, June 23, 2005

Iraqi Democracy

According to Omar at Iraq the Model:
Humam Hammodi, Chairman of the constitution drafting committee told Al-Sabah that the branch teams of the committee have succeeded so far in completing 80% of the constitution's draft.

Hammodi added that his colleagues at the committee branch-teams are willing to fulfill the task by the previously set deadline of August 15th 2005. "The final draft will come out with an Iraqi spirit and there are actually little differences to debate" said Hammodi.
Omar says democracy is working:
I'm not the least surprised by this bit of news because I was expecting this process to move smoother than the previous chapters of the democratic change in Iraq, yet I'm a little bit amazed at the rapid progress being made despite all the current difficulties that make any progress incomprehensible for many people outside Iraq and don't blame them for thinking that way because it's unfair to expect them to believe that work can be done this fast in a country living in such rough conditions. . .

Bottom line, the people won the war when they said their word on the 30th of January and since then, many of the hesitant elements recognized the winning side and began joining it while the barking dogs will have nothing left to chew on but their bitter defeat.
America -- and Iraq -- are winning. As Gary at RightPundit and others observe, the proof is Kofi Annan claiming credit for the victory.

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