Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Rather Admits Treating Republicans Different from Democrats

Dan Rather, in the August 30th edition of Broadcasting and Cable:
In the end, what difference does it make what one candidate or the other did or didn't do during the Vietnam War? In some ways, that war is as distant as the Napoleonic campaigns. What's far more import is this: Do they have an exit strategy for Iraq? If so, what is it? How will they address the national deficit? And what are the chances their plans will work?
Dan Rather yesterday, describing his probe into Bush's Texas National Guard service in the late '60-early '70s:
good faith and in the spirit of trying to carry on a CBS News tradition of investigative reporting without fear or favoritism.
Got that? If John Kerry's background is questionable, it's ancient history; in contrast, President Bush's background is ripe for "investigative reporting without fear."

Treating similarly situated persons differently is the very definition of bias. Melody Music v. F.C.C., 345 F.2d 730, 732 (D.C. Cir. 1965). Thank you, again, Dan Rather, for proving beyond cavil that media objectivity is a myth. (via Best of the Web)

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Republicanpundit said...

Good post. I agree that Dan has become so partison that he has, in effect, become incompetent

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